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Winter Rally 2024

Seadog Winter Rally



Hallo there all, 


I am pretty sure that if you looked at ,or enquired on the website you would find out how very good the weekend in February was. Many new friendships were forged and old friends met again .The common interest of  owning or having owned or just being interested in  Seadogs is a powerful tool when it comes to discussions, and  the passing on of knowledge . I know everyone had a really good time . 


The Seadog owners Association was formed in 1975 at the London Boat Show when the builders were forced into liquidation .

The object then, and is now, to keep all owners in touch with each other for their mutual benefit . This means that the Association is almost 50 !


It falls to me to keep the Association alive and kicking. Sadly, David Nixon who had just taken on the website suffered a serious stroke after the event in Bournemouth.

Alexia has taken this on until someone comes in to volunteer. Marcus Hember is in the background doing what he can but is rarely on terra firma 


Now I realise those who attended know now how daft I can be, but I do try my very best. There we 54 of us but I know full well not everyone will be in a position to make the journey again . There were very many of you that were not there who I would love to encourage to be with us. 

So, I have been busy looking at Hotels and prices and facilities and different areas 


We do need to be near airports, and ferry ports.

To this end I am putting the following dates into the diary 23rd /24th/25th February 2024 .


As I go away in May I have selected select the hotel that will best meet our needs within a good price range. 

I will be looking for 60 guests  at least so please think it through see if you can pencil that weekend in and put out the message on face-book or the forum and encourage others to come along. I daren’t do a raffle ! you will be spared that !

I have visited several hotels looked East and West and inland and midland. I have to consider lots of things . Cost , overseas members, car parking ,rooms made available to us for our talks jumble and sales- .spas -.swimming pools!

Some hotels charge 700 for the conference  room alone ! All need a refundable deposit so I have to be mindful, with the limited funds. 


For instance, I looked in Eastbourne but to hire a room for talks etc £250 per day 

I tried Shoreham and Northampton who have not responded. Brighton and Worthing seem to have no free parking at all .


I have almost  decided on the Oceanis Beach Hotel on Bournemouth Seafront . it is also the Suncliffe Hotel . ( do look it up)


For those who like it -it has spa ,swimming pool,  easy flat walks ( no Zigzag), a really great free meeting room . 

What is more considering everything today the prices are less than this year .



Max says he will come along again … We have Keith to finish the talk I cut short .

I will see if Tom Cunliffe is free although I do have some other great speakers lined up . I also have Claire Dresser from Purple Mist  the  first ladies to compete and  compete a double handed RORC transatlantic.


 I can hear you gathering your boat jumble together.

I will post up all events on the website on the events page .Do let me know your thoughts ( if any)..


Hotel:                   Ocean Beach Hotel                                          

Date:                     23rd February 2024                        

Rate:                    £54.50 pppn  

Nights:                 2

Board:                 Friday - 3 course Dinner and Overnight Stay

                 Saturday – Breakfast, Dinner and overnight stay

                            Sunday - Breakfast 


( This rate is reduced to £42.00 pp Friday Bed and Breakfast and then £54.50 pp Saturday – No Dinner on Friday)



Hotel:                   Ocean Beach Hotel                                          

Date:                    24th February 2024                        

Rate:                    £64.00 pp

Nights:                 1

Board:                 Dinner Saturday and overnight stay

                             Sunday breakfast Sunday


Three course Sunday lunch £20

Sandwich platter with tea and coffee Saturday lunch time paid for by SOA


So, a huge advantage  to staying for two nights 


As we stand to lose a deposit until I have 50 names down I will not book . 


I have set up a new email address solely for this event



All the very best  to you.       Hilary  Waitt. 







Seadog Rally at the Folly Inn, Isle of Wight.

18th- 19th June 2023


Seadog Rally at Folly Inn